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Jeff wearing mask tending to wife, Cindy, getting a scan for her cancer Interview with GoodFOR Founder, Jeff Ullman

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Innovation Spotlight: CBD Topicals

Jeff Ullman – Founder & CEO

Gary Barg: Jeff Ullman has had a long history of changing people’s lives for the better, first, as the creator of Great Expectations Video Dating which he built into the biggest dating service in the world, to the co-creator of the TV series, Love Connection (which I remember) and then as the author of 12 Secrets for Helping Find Love and Commitment and The Lost Love Life of the Workaholic (which I need. I need that book, Jeff!) And now he is helping match people with health solutions utilizing CBD, as he and his wife, Cindy, have created, which they designed to help caregivers and our loved ones deal with pain.

Jeff, let me start this way. I never liked to let an acronym go unchallenged. Tell me what we need to know about CBD.

Jeff Ullman: Cannabidiol. It’s easier to say CBD. CBD is one of about 110 individual molecules, otherwise known as cannabinoids, in any cannabis or hemp plant. It’s the second most prolific cannabinoid behind THC.

CBD has been around as long as cannabis has been around, and cannabis is the same thing as marijuana. CBD is good for many things. It is particularly good for stress or anxiety, helping people go to sleep, although it’s definitely not a sleep medication by itself. CBD is good to reduce various inflammations and physical aches. If your back, neck or physical parts of you hurt, you’re not going to sleep well. So to the extent that CBD can relieve your aches, you sleep better, and you can sleep longer and fall asleep faster.

Gary Barg: Jeff, what is GoodFOR? And why the name GoodFOR?

Jeff Ullman: In 2015, many of my friends were suffering from athletic ADVERTISEMENTinjuries, getting older or taking care of people. They were taking all kinds of over-the-counter rub-ons, or pills, capsules or homemade remedies. Then, in early 2016, my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She received this prognosis from her doctor, “If you undergo no therapies, chemotherapy, or surgery, you’ll probably be dead in six months.”

We knew that we were going to put her on a cannabis regimen, which we did. We personalized it to her own genetics and it worked great. No, I’m not saying it treats or cures cancer. But even at the time, her anti-cannabis oncologist noted that it did something really fantastic. My wife also took a chemotherapeutic drug, but it’s not known to be particularly effective in the first month. Yet, within a week, what we had created for her in terms of topicals was working to defeat her neuropathic pain, her inflammation, and of course, her psychological anxiety and stress.

We did this using our own homegrown plants, which are quite legal, at least in Colorado. So, we didn’t think of the commercial purposes immediately until I started hearing people say, “I’ve got arthritis. What’s good for this?” Or, “I have sleep problems,” or “I have anxiety.” In every request, they wanted to know what’s good for their particular problem.

So, it made sense to use GoodFOR as our company, brand and website name. It’s a great name, because it tells you exactly what the next word or two is. GoodFOR RELIEF, GoodFOR SKIN, GoodFOR PETS, and so on.

We have to be very careful not to make outrageous claims, like it will cure this or it will treat that. We are very careful. We do not disobey the law. is a wonderful trademark, a wonderful website, and a brand name, because it’s what we think about when we have a problem in life—what’s GoodFOR? It was so obvious to us that our strongest referrals and sales came from people who inquired and said, “I’m not asking for myself, but my grandma, or my daughter, or my associate, or somebody. My neighbor has X, Y, Z problem. What do you recommend?”

Gary Barg: Why did you choose pain to be your first focus on the GoodFOR product line?

Jeff Ullman: We chose the broad area of physical discomfort because we couldn’t cure my wife’s metastatic cancer from our home laboratory. And this kind of health problem is the number one complaint of most Americans, particularly over the age of 50 for men and women. It’s also very common as we age. When we do a lot of bending, and stretching, or we are on our knees, or we exercise too much, swing too hard, bend too deeply.

I did not actually expect our first product to work so quickly, almost instantly. When you apply it—it’s a topical. Some people call it a cream, but it’s a gel. When you apply it, you start feeling it working in five to ten seconds. And it does not have any pain-blocking ingredient in it. It doesn’t have anything like lidocaine, which I think is a dangerous drug, because it blocks your pain. And then, you assume incorrectly, that you’re already good to go… to put it under stress. And all too often you end up re-injuring yourself. So, we avoid things like that. When you apply it, it works so well and lasts for hours and has no negative or adverse side effects. And we were delighted that it stopped people’s discomforts immediately. It really helped the healing process. And it was so easy to apply. So, it’s true that feeling is believing, one way or another.

Gary Barg: What purposes are caregivers telling you they’re using the GoodFOR products for?

Jeff Ullman: From the very beginning, caregivers told us that the most common need for them were physical problems, whether it’s arthritis, or stubbing your toe, or stretching or anything that causes sprains, strains or I hurt myself doing something. So aching,discomfort, everyday problems, as well as avoiding harmful, painful side effects as a result of taking pharmaceutical drugs.

If your son, daughter, mom, dad, or your next-door neighbor is acting as your caregiver, they want something that’s good for you. All our products must satisfy our family and closest friends. We have a core group of about 40 to 50 people, all different ages, quite a few races, different socioeconomic, and we give them our product. And we wait about a month. If it doesn’t pass a friend and family test, then we drop it.

As a result of the coronavirus and social isolation, people and families who stay confined to their home, or apartment and who don’t exercise or feel that they cannot exercise, will get cramps. They get emotional stress as well. Our GoodFOR CBD oils help relieve stress and increase better sleep. And the GoodFOR Relief topicals work, because when people are kidding around and being couch potatoes quite a lot, they develop spasms. And then when they try to stretch, or bend, or do something, oops, it hurts, especially people with arthritis.

GoodFOR Relief Level 10, our topical, is particularly good for the kinds of discomfort that everyone gets far too frequently, which is not to say that it works under all circumstances. Nothing does. However, I can tell you from very first-hand experience, for my wife, myself, and over 50 of our friends and family, whom we’ve given samples of GoodFOR Relief to, it works great to help reduce their problems while accelerating healing. And that’s not unimportant in relieving stress and anxiety in this time.

Gary Barg: Jeff, why did you put a level number to your pain product?

When someone needs to find something that’s good for relieving their aches and discomfort, they don’t want to waste time or money with a regular strength or even an extra/super-duper/ultimate strength problem. They want the maximum amount of relief. And everyone knows what a pain or relief scale looks like. In fact, we’re the only company to use a Relief Scale, and it’s what we use for our GoodFOR RELIEF Level 10 topical because it’s good for helping people find what they need.


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