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We challenge any company to produce a superior tincture because this is economical & multi-benefit: Relieves whole body discomfort, improves energy & releases stress. One bottle can easily last 1-2 months. Works best with GoodFOR PAIN.

    • This is one of the two best products we offer because it's the one oral tincture that gives you whole body relief, and at the very lowest cost per day.
    • Yes, this has more Hemp, pain, and stress relieving plant-based ingredients than any other tincture on the market 
    • This is the companion product to GoodFOR PAIN topical
    • Does not contain THC
    • Comparable to you paying $175 - $250 for multiple products because it gives you the benefit of five different health challenges


    • Improve your energy by releasing stress, promoting hormone balance; promote heightened cognitive and motor function, help manage stress and contribute to an overall sense of well-being. Amplified by 3,000 mg of the very highest-quality Hemp oil
    • Good for promoting anti-inflammatory relief to your joint, muscle, tendon, and soft tissue aches


    • People who know the many health and wellness benefits when they take high-quality, all-natural (oral) oil -- AND who suffer from pain and stress


    • Third party independent lab with a Certificate of Analysis


    • Hemp Extract (3,000 mg), Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E TPGS, Peppermint Oil, Stevia Extract, Natural Flavor


    • Once you are satisfied that taking this tincture causes you no discomfort, you can increase your daily amount, which we advise should not be more than 100 mL (mg) per day....unless you have sought advice from a qualified medical professional who is cannabinoid medicine educated.
    • You can start taking 1/4 of the 1 mL dropper.  After 3-4 days without any discomfort, you can increase to taking 1/2 of the glass dropper.  Again, if you experience little to no discomfort after another 3-4 days, you can increase your daily amount to the full 1 mL dropper.
    • Each bottle contains 3,000 mg (3,000 mL) -- which @ the use of 100 mL (mg) per day gives you a 30-day supply.
    • Start low and go slow to find your sweet spot.
    • Read closely above using the glass, graduated dropper until you reach your 'sweet spot' which informs you that you have reached whatever is your personal health goal.
    • Like all tinctures, place the oil underneath your tongue and gently swish it around your mouth for at least one minute to achieve maximum absorption.


    • Guaranteed to stay fresh for 500 days when stored in a shaded, dry place at room temperature



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    Customer Reviews

    GoodFOR Customer Reviews

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