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GoodFOR Happiness Guarantee / Returns

(Effective as of October 5, 2020)

Can you return a GoodFOR product?  You sure can!  While we are disappointed that one of our products was not good for you, it probably disappointed you even more.  Still, we are proud to make good on our customer focused GoodFOR Happiness Guarantee.

Because we stand behind our products, we stand with you.  We work hard to ensure that our quality is what we take ourselves and make available to our family and closest friends.  As you may know, not every body responds the same as everyone else; which means that what can be very good for others (including blood relatives) might not work as well for you.  Yet, we are so convinced our products will make a difference in your life that if any product doesn’t meet your expectations, you have two choices:

  1. Keep the product and we will credit you dollar for dollar (including taxes) towards your next GoodFOR products (aka, store credit); or
  2. Send back the product within the first 30 days of when you ordered it, and we will give you a full refund (including taxes)

Sometimes a particular type of customer takes unfair advantage of a retailer’s guarantee.  This is why we require that you pay for the shipping when you return your product(s) to us at:

  • GoodFOR — 300 Center Drive, G-302, Superior, Colorado 80027

Please protect yourself and GoodFOR, Inc by promptly sending us a copy of your shipping receipt. 

If you purchased our product through a GoodFOR distributor or retailer, you must go to that original purchase location (brick and mortar or online site) for any return or exchange.  

Damaged products?

And, what about if your product(s) come damaged because something happened during shipment to you?

  • Please check your package from GoodFOR carefully upon arrival to ensure that the product(s) themselves have not been damaged during shipping 
  • The outside shipping container/box might be damaged, but that does not indicate that its important contents have been compromised in any way.  
  • If your product(s) arrive damaged, please do not open or use it.  
  • Instead, contact us and we will promptly replace whatever came damaged!  

If this happens to you, please follow these three simple steps:  

  1. Take one or more (clear) photos of the product(s) in and/or alongside the outside box container so that GoodFOR and our shipping service sees clearly the damage.  
  2. Tell us what’s wrong with the product(s).
  3. Make your claim within 72 hours of you receiving it, by contacting us below.

Simple!  Direct!  Within just 24 hours someone from our Customer Care department will contact you upon receipt of your email with photo(s).  

Yes, it really is that easy to make you happier.  It’s GoodFOR you; it’s GoodFOR us.


300 Center Drive, G-302
Superior, Colorado. 80027

Monday – Friday .  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Mountain Time 

Phone: 1-833-2-GoodFOR (246-6336)