This can be very good for you if you’re in (or moving towards) the Cannabis, Natural Products or Healthcare industries

Hi again —  

I’m Jeff Ullman.  We may not have communicated lately, but we met through one of my previous companies or any of the conferences I’ve spoken at since 2012.

Here’s why I asked you here:  I’d like you to consider how we can collaborate to bring superior products and services to 100’s of millions of people around the world who need to screen out the bad actors in CBD/hemp, and find the truly benefical products and services.

The CBD market is cluttered, confusing, conflicting, changing, and for the future: ‘Covid-ing.  The vast majority of products, scientific breakthroughs, legality, and revenue are more in our future….

If you know about YPO, you know it’s global influence.  In February 2015 I created the YPO Cannabis Industry Wealth & Health Group, which has 400+ CEOs who have already generated $500+ million in cannabis (CBD and THC) revenue.  Our group within YPO continues to share information for the betterment of everyone’s customers, health professionals, governments, and of course, entire populations. 

My invitation:  

  • Whether you’re a YPO member or not, I invite you to collaborate with us.  We can share, collaborate and elevate the entire wellness industry. 

Reach back to me and let’s have an 8-minute chat.  


Jeff Ullman, CEO, GoodFOR® 

jeff@goodfor.US — 720-443-1322 —Superior, Colorado — Our Story