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How Our Story Is GoodFOR You

Our story begins close to home, and although it wasn’t always easy, we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

In March of 2016, Cindy Ullman, who usually had a positive outlook on life, had just made a third doctor’s appointment in one month. She was in so much pain that she needed some answers, fast. On a Tuesday afternoon of that March, Cindy and her husband Jeff Ullman got an explanation, but it wasn’t what either of them was expecting. 

An oncologist informed Cindy she had stage 4 metastatic breast cancer with five tumors in her liver. The prognosis was grim; she would probably only have six months to live. But that just wasn’t good enough for Cindy or her determined husband. Cancer, especially at such an advanced stage, is a frightening and unyielding opponent. But neither Jeff nor Cindy was ready to give up.

After working tirelessly for eight sleepless days, Jeff had a game plan: He put together a personalized holistic treatment program for Cindy consisting of a pharmacogenetic analysis of how Cindy’s genetics would respond to a diverse array of oral compounds, therapies from cannabis, chemotherapy, acupuncture, and ayurvedic medicines.

Before the plan went into action, Cindy and Jeff’s two adult children had a concern. “Mom’s dying fast! Is this our very best shot at killing her cancer, or hurting or killing her” It was clear that every possible attempt to save Cindy’s life had to be made. And Jeff trusted his sources. So the family decided together. “Cancer doesn’t wait. We should not wait. Let’s do it, and do it now!!”

“Cancer doesn’t wait. We should not wait. Let’s do it, and do it now!!”

And it worked. It could have been any combination of good timing, good luck, good science, or perhaps a little of all three – but Cindy was getting better. Even Cindy’s Harvard Medical School oncologist acknowledged that it was one of the rarest, quickest, and successful health turnarounds she had seen in her 25 years of treating breast cancer patients.

Nowadays, Cindy’s neuropathic and inflammatory pains are almost completely gone. As she happily passes the 4th year after her ‘death due date,’ Cindy is unlike most metastatic/stage IV cancer survivors. She is a THRIVER, She’s a full-time working, dancing, exercising, volunteering, chasing her three grandsons, non-complaining and sharing her methods wife, mother, and grandmother!  

The same talented team that ingeniously formulated the topical formula that saved Cindy from the pain from her cancer and its chemotherapeutics, continued their work with CBD. Both Jeff and Cindy coordinated the mounting global anecdotal and scientific evidence from friends, family, their social circles, and over 50 researchers, clinicians, and scientists gave us a glimpse into how helpful CBD could be in treating an array of different ailments. Jeff and Cindy knew that it wasn’t just CBD that helped save her life and making inflammation and discomfort more of an annoyance than a debilitating, chronic disease; it was a proprietary combination of multiple wellness therapies. It was then that they decided what was good for Cindy, just might be good for the millions of people suffering from acute, chronic and even fatal diseases.  And, this is why the Ullman Family chose GoodFOR® as their brand name: because it’s good for an infinite variety of products and services — and even beyond wellness, health and lifestyle.

This is our family’s story of how we transformed near-tragedy into growing opportunities. This is why we started our new company with the strongest, the easiest to understand, and the most logical name — not just for one or two products, but rather a uniquely powerful brand name that was good for —  just about anything for anyone, anytime, anywhere, and everywhere. 

Everyone needs help finding what’s good for their challenges in life — as well as helping the people they care most about. 

There is a real-life story behind each of GoodFOR’s products. 

Get in touch! Cindy, Jeff and the entire Ullman Family look forward with great expectations to learn from you what’s GoodFOR you and the people you care most about.