Looking for more evidence of how effective GoodFOR products can be? Don’t take our word for it, read it for yourself. Below is a collection of reviews from our customers and products testers.

Cindy U
Metastatic cancer ‘thriver’
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I’m married to the founder of GoodFOR but that doesn’t change my opinion. I’m not claiming that anyone’s topical cures cancer, but my steady, large dosage of THC, CBD and everything in cannabis oil has successfully helped me live more than 3 years beyond my prognosis of death by Thanksgiving 2016. But since I have metastatic breast cancer and the chemotherapy drug I use causes severe side effects which causes me terrible pain, I needed a topical to treat my agony. The last thing I want to do is to take more RX drugs which have side effects! It’s the really painful hand-foot syndrome which makes my life so miserable at times, so when my feet hurt so badly that I can’t stand up to do my work or walk to the toilet or make dinner or play with my grandsons I was really fortunate to be one of the first people to experiment with one of your first testing topicals and it worked so great that I cannot stand (LOL) to be without it!!!! I know it might sound trite, but GoodFOR Pain gel has been very good for me!

GoodFOR Pain Level 8

GoodFOR Pain Level: 8 jar
Steve L
Shoulder Injury
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I’m a 62 weekend competitor, but last month I smashed my shoulder and one of my teammates rubbed on some of your stuff. I didn’t object because I was in pain. It worked so damn fast I got back into the game in just a few minutes. Hey! Could you not give your stuff to the other teams in my league???
Renate O
Sleeping With Cancer
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I moved to Colorado from Europe because I have stage 4 cancer and my country hasn’t let me and others use it to live longer. So far it’s working, but what reminds me every single day that I might die is not the cancer but my insomnia. For the past 6 months I’ve awakened every (and I mean every) night because of back pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, and pain around my fingers. I’ve tried almost every over the counter drug and natural product I could find. Then I met someone from the Colorado Cannabis Clinicians who told me about a friend of hers who was just finishing his private testing for his new line of pain topicals and I jumped at it. Jeff was kind to give me some for free and my husband rubbed it everywhere I’ve ever felt my pain. For the first time in 6 months I slept for more than 6 hours and it was amazing. I actually woke up feeling pretty good. So I did it again and again and it kept working. One night it didn’t work so well but I don’t know why. But I continue to use Jeff’s stuff because it’s better than any other marijuana or other thing I’ve tried. (Hey Jeff! Can I have some more for free?)
Liz M.
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I am so grateful for this product and when it has come into my life. My father has terminal lung cancer and this gel has become part of his regular pain management protocol. Hospice uses it in between his morphine doses all day to combat his pain. Right from the first time I used this gel on my Dad he began to ask for it because of the comfort he felt. Thank you!
Dan M.
Back pain
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My wife and I have been struggling with chronic back pain. We both tried this gel and found immediate relief. Thanks for the help!
Bob C.
Marathon Recovery
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As a 70 year old still doing Marathon’s this stuff is amazing. It instantly relieves sore and aching muscles after a run. I would not be without it.
Alex C.
Changed my life
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This product is unbelievably effective! I have suffered from degenerative spine disease for many years and found traditional opiates less and less effective over the years . Now I have a clear alternative with zero negative side effects that really reduces pain! This product has changed my life in a very positive way, Thank you ,thank you , thank you!

GoodFOR Pain Level 6

Hunter M
Sports Injury
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I’ve used level 6 Pain for minor running and softball injuries. It’s as easy to apply as IcyHot and works just as quickly (without that weird smell). The relief lasted hours and let me continue running and training as normal. I recommend it to anyone.
Sura N
Neck Ache & Stress
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This is my first endorsement of anything and I’m not sure what to say other than I liked your lotion so much because it made my neck ache go away. It’s my job that gives me so much stress and that’s probably what causes my neck and shoulders to get so tight. (Can I rub it on one of my coworkers who gives me a lot of pain in the neck, to???
Ross G
Psoriasis! Be gone!!
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I hate psoriasis!! Those red, pus-filled bumps cause me endless unhappiness. I’ve tried all kinds of big pharma drugs, THC cremes and I don’t remember how many OTC products. I put on your Level 6 gel and had only 2 things to tell you: 1. It works better than anything I’ve tried and 2. Where were you a couple years ago when I was going crazy trying to get rid of my problem????