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Who Hurts You In a Pandemic?

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We promise that by the end of this article you’ll know what to do to live healthier, get stronger, feel safer, and increase your immune system so you worry less about contracting viruses. You’ll even start to look more attractive than you have in years! (But . . . there’s a bit of a catch to get there because you might not like who you meet along the way . . . )

While you’re reading this, someone you know very well is most likely hurting you and the people you care most about. It’s not a virus; it’s someone most likely who has been doing it your whole life. (Don’t worry who that is, because we’ll reveal that soon enough, and certainly in time for you to do something to protect yourself!

What’s not good for you is that they know all your weak spots and hot buttons of fear to push to get their way. They also have the resources, time, inside intelligence and dedication to keep doing it to you.

The Pandemic Can Be Your Unstoppable Enemy

Yes, of course this pandemic is a shock to our — and our country’s — system; to our lifestyles, to our financial security, and to our daily routines. In real fact, there are powerful institutions working hard to convince us that their way is good for us, and that we must accept what they tell us for our own good….especially to avoid contracting Covid-19, and affecting and infecting the people we love, and the people who don’t expect us to harm them….ever!

Regardless of your political, economic, religious or individualistic points of view, do you know anyone who disagrees that we are all now forced to recognize that we are not as free to make what we’ve always assumed were our own choices? Examples: We work where we are hired. We entertain and socialize where we choose. More than likely, we don’t worry more than our neighbors do about dying from unknown forces; especially from people we love and respect. And, our families, friends, work buddies and acquaintances don’t give us the ‘evil eye’ if we come too close to them, cough, sneeze or wheeze on occasion. 

Yes, any pandemic is our enemy, and it feels like it will ruin our lives forever. But, all that is being done to us can largely be turned around in our favor IF and when we know what those forces are.  So, do we? Do you???

Who Hurts the People You Love?

Who doesn’t already know that getting into — and staying — in good physical shape is in our very own best physical, mental, emotional, sexual and financial interests . . . especially during a pandemic?  Who doesn’t know people who lie every single day of their lives . . . to themselves? They find every imaginable excuse why they just cannot eat right; sleep right; exercise right? People who lie to themselves always seem to find an inexhaustible barrel-full of excuses why they aren’t acting in their best interest? (Who hasn’t ‘white’-lied to themselves almost every day for years?  It’s simple — really — tell yourself the truth about what’s in your best interest or act in your best interest!

How to Work From Home 

Many people now work from home, which means a lot less moving around and a lot more time spent with family. While everyone loves their family, close quarters and the stress of an uncertain future can make things a bit tricky. Couple that with lack of exercise and an increased snack and alcohol consumption, and you have a bulging situation facing your waist. Luckily, we know effective actions you can take which are good for you every day to keep yourself fit, fine and sane. 

Who’s Weighing You Down?

If you want to avoid being struck down by the coronavirus, each annual influenza, or any virus, you must not deliberately hurt yourself, even if it’s little by little…..because it all adds up in weight (literally). When you need your strength to be with you as you need it, it’s usually the poor nutrition (aka, food) and poor habits which drains your strength and immune system. Since no one is born with ‘big bones’ which some folks claim makes them fat, you must decide: Is 30-100 extra pounds on my body going to help or hurt me? When you’re obese or when you’re not eating foods which are genuinely good for you, your immune system works to protect you, makes you stronger, keeps your skin and hair looking good, and frees your bodily fluids to flow, function and fortify your body.  Your energy is there when you need it; your defenses are fully armed; and you feel good! 

Sure Fire Ways to Feel Bad

Eat junk food. Drink too little water. Drink too much alcohol. Eat too much sugar. Sleep too little. Avoid strenuous exercise. Sit . . . a lot. 

Optimal physical health can also positively affect your mood and stress levels. Exercise, in particular, has been shown to increase mood by producing helpful endorphins. Here are a few things you can do at home to take care of your body. 

Get Enough ZZZZ’s

Sleep is an important component of staying in good overall health. There is some evidence that interrupting your sleep cycle can result in extreme fatigue, irritability, memory issues, and susceptibility to sickness. Most people need around 8 hours of sleep a night. Here are the tricks you can use to get the best quality of sleep. 

Go to bed at the same time each night. Your body craves routine, and getting on a consistent sleep schedule will do wonders for your sleep quality. Try to avoid looking at any sort of screen for at least 30 minutes before bed. The artificial light from handheld devices can negatively affect your brain’s ability to wind down during night time. In fact, some experts recommend keeping your phone outside of your bedroom completely. 

Get Some Exercise

Even though gyms and fitness studios are closed, there are ways to maintain some physical exercise in your daily life. Going walking, running, or bike riding are great ways to keep moving. If your situation requires you to stay mostly in your house, you can take advantage of the many free workouts being offered online. For example, Yoga with Adriene has a great variety of yoga practices. And Tone It Up offers some strength training exercises. 

Many things are hiding around your house that can prove helpful for an at-home workout. For example, canned goods can be used as weights, towels can be used as sliders, and when you are in a pinch, wine bottles are great for resistance training. 

Eat Healthily

One of the downsides of being stuck at home is being in constant proximity to your snack stash. While it’s tempting to munch on junk food all day long, maintaining a healthy(ish) diet is very important for keeping up your health.

Setting up a plan before a trip to the grocery store is a good way to ensure you get everything you need and don’t panic buy unnecessary items. Fresh produce is one of the things consistently remaining available at stores. You can get enough fruits and veggies to last you for a week, and you can cut up and freeze the rest in freezer-friendly containers for easy cooking later. 

Fresh produce contains nutrients and fiber, which are both important nutritional staples. Supplementing with healthy sources of proteins like free-range meat or wild-caught fish and unprocessed grains is also recommended. 

Mental Wellness

Keeping your mind healthy during this time can help with the additional stress and uncertainty that’s present in the current situation. There are several small things you can do on a daily basis that can have a huge impact on your sanity. 


Whether you are an avid practitioner or have never experimented with meditation before – now could be a great time to partake in this mental practice. Meditation aims to bring consciousness into the present moment. Some studies show consistent meditation can improve emotional regulation and overall mood. There are also free apps like HeadSpace that can get you started!

Monitor Social Media Use

It is tempting to continuously scroll through news articles and social media feeds. While social media provides an important way to stay connected to others, it can also be a source of worry and negativity. Limiting social media consumption throughout the day and staying away from your phone before bed can positively affect your overall mood and stress level. 

Reach Out To Others

Now more than ever, humans need to feel a connection to their social network. Platforms like FaceTime, Skype, HouseParty, and Zoom offer a way to stay connected while keeping socially distant. 

If you are experiencing ongoing negative thought cycles and are having a generally hard time, there are ways to reach out to professionals. Many health insurances cover Telecommunication appointments. And if you do not have health insurance, there are resources like TalkSpace.\

There’s an Exception

You’re not paranoid if you judge that there are powerful forces who control much of your life; especially if you’re among the tens of millions of poor people. And, when you’re poor, you probably live in a good ghetto which means that there aren’t many grocery stores that sell healthy foods at reasonable prices. So your choices are so limited that the food you eat drains your body of what it needs to think clearly, have the energy you need when you need it, and dozens of other assets and attributes that any person requires to live the life we feel we deserve. Yet, even for them, there are choices within their limited resources which can help make them in charge of their own health lives.

Who’s Your True Opponent?


As soon as you recognize where you lie in the power structure over your life, you’ll fare much better.  What’s not good for you is that you know all your weak spots and hot buttons of fear to push to get your way. You also have the resources, time, inside intelligence and dedication to keep doing it to you . . . by you.

Give Yourself Some CBD TLC

Because CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, it could prove helpful in maintaining stress levels, reducing anxiety, helping sleep, and alleviating aches and pains. As you take care of yourself both physically and mentally, it’s important to remind yourself to take things one day at a time and to be gentle with yourself and others. Stay healthy!


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