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Jeff & Cindy Ullman, Founders


Our Story

Jeff and Cindy Ullman
The Ullman Family

What would you do if your favorite person in the world was not just dying from a Stage IV terminal disease, but practically killing their quality of life? 

This is the ongoing dilemma faced by millions of family and friends who must act as caregivers as they wait for their loved one's medical treatment to work . . . . Yet, too many times the 'cure' is more painful than the disease itself.

And this was what faced Cindy Ullman in early 2016 when her doctors gave her a prognosis of "death within 6 months" from her metastatic disease.

But Cindy didn't die, and nearly seven years later, lives a healthy, athletically active and vibrant life without her medication killing the quality of her life.

Since Cindy's husband was an incurable entrepreneur with a scoreboard of successful entrepreneurial ventures -- and some entre-MANURE ones, too --  it wasn't money on the line, it was life or death.  

Jeff Ullman assembled a team of doctors and scientists to develop a pain relief remedy that worked (not to cure her disease) but to make her disease treatments far less gruesomely painful.  And they succeeded! 

Three years after her doctors concluded that there was "no activity of your disease in your body", Jeff birthed a wellness company with a mission to bring smiles back to the faces of anyone suffering from pain no matter what caused it.

And to make the obvious plain and simple, he named his family's new company after what everyone hoped would be good for Cindy: GoodFOR

As you're reading this, the same talented GoodFOR team who ingeniously formulated the all-natural GoodFOR Relief topical formula that eliminated Cindy's pain, continues their work bringing more all-natural solutions to people's everyday problems. 



Jeff and Cindy Ullman

We work hard to bring you quality products.  We are so convinced our USA-sourced, third-party purity tested, non-GMO ingredients products will make a difference in your life, that if any product doesn't meet (and exceed) your expectations, we invite you to take advantage of the  GoodFOR HAPPINESS Guarantee . When it's good for you, it's