We are GoodFOR®

GoodFOR is unlike every company producing pain relieving products because we do what no one else will do for you:
We guarantee the results you expect. But first we test our products in labs and on ourselves and our families.
Our company motto is: Make every day GoodFOR.us -- ALL OF US


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Jeff & Cindy Ullman, Founders


Our Story

Jeff and Cindy Ullman

What began as one man's mission to relieve his wife's intense neuropathic pain became a wellness company with a mission to bring smiles back to faces of people relieved from physical and emotional pain.

In the spring of 2016, Cindy Ullman found herself in an unexpected healthcare battle. Her medical treatment produced searing neuropathic and inflammatory pain. To make matters worse, none of the "conventional" pain medications brought her any relief. Motivated to alleviate his wife's suffering, Jeff Ullman assembled a team of doctors and scientists to develop a pain remedy that worked – and they did!

The same talented team that ingeniously formulated the all-natural GoodFOR PAIN™ topical formula that eliminated Cindy's pain continues their work bringing more all-natural solutions to people's everyday problems. You should know there is a real-life story behind each of our products.

Founded in 2019 in Superior, Colorado, our first customers were our families and friends. Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our customers.

We are GoodFOR® - the company's whose products are exactly as their names imply. The GoodFOR brand makes finding the right products simple across a growing range of health and wellness needs. Intuition is your guide, making it easy to find the right pain relief, sleep, stress and sexual health products.


The GoodFOR® Promise

The Ullman Family

The GoodFOR® brand name is our promise to use nature to make your customers' lives better. Our all-natural products are made with USA-sourced, third-party purity tested, non-GMO ingredients. Some products benefit from compounds found in hemp flower oil (legal in all 50 states), which can work synergistically with active ingredients and other botanicals for better results. We make products to address important quality of life needs, so we take steps to ensure we get it right. Because our promise is to always be good for you.



At GoodFOR we work hard to bring you quality products. What we offer to you are the same products we take ourselves and make available to our family and closest friends. We are so convinced our products will make a difference in your life, if any product doesn't meet your expectations, we want you to take advantage of the GoodFOR HAPPINESS Guarantee. When it's good for you, it's GoodFOR us.