A few words from our founder, Jeff Ullman

GoodFOR® creates products which are verifiably good for you.

And we are especially exceptional with pain relief topicals and organic oils. In fact, we are the only company whose brand name, GoodFOR®, tells you exactly what to expect from each product's name.

Pain is good for anyone only because it informs us that something is wrong and needs help fixing.

We help you 'fix' your pain, whether it's physical or emotional.

But we do not replace health care professionals because we work with them to help you DIY (Do It Yourself) to a point where it's good for you and does not cause problems. As always, communicate with your choice of healer, and don't be timid about helping educate them if they are unreasonably obstinate about anything other than prescribing one-size-fits-all pharmaceutical drugs or invasive treatments.

We spend a vast amount of our resources identifying the best possible plant-based products to help reduce your pain and its underlying causes. We do this by scientifically identifying what can work best to reduce or eliminate your discomforts and help return smiles to your face. Unfortunately, many pain products do not do what you need... which is why we create our own proprietary formulations. And we keep our prices as low as possible so we can remain in business to offer you even more solutions which are good for you and your family.

All our products are:

  • Manufactured in a FDA-registered cGMP facility
  • Made from all-natural plant-based ingredients
  • Grown and processed in the USA
  • Non-GMO
  • Third party lab tested
  • No pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals


FDA-Registered as a non-RX (OTC) topical analgesic drug: NDC #: 82514-201-02

We are super-proud that our name, GoodFOR®, is the most uniquely customer-friendly brand name in the English language for consumer products (and services). Place GoodFOR in front of any wellness, fitness, recreational, beauty, performance, lifestyle, sex, household, pets, and just about any consumer need, and our products instantly break through competitive clutter... making it super-easy for customers and retailers to easily find what's good for them. NO OTHER COMPANY HAS A BRAND NAME AS GLOBALLY SCALABLE AND TRADEMARKED AS GoodFOR®.

It's not just our brand name and unmistakably clear packaging design which attracts customers, it's what's inside that motivates 1,000s of customers to rate our products 5-star.

(And yes... our families are quite proud of us)


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