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How To Read CBD/Hemp Product Labels – Part 1

Before you read a CBD label, what does the product claim to do? “It’s a miracle drug!” (or, not).  “It’s made from organic CBD” (or, maybe it’s not organic, but it is “natural”, or maybe it’s neither?).  “One thing for sure is that it isn’t cannabis; but, it is cannabidiol . . . but, it

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Take CBD With Rx Drugs?

The FDA says CBD is a drug Drug-to-drug interaction is something you and your doctor should discuss. Hundreds of published scientific articles have reported how CBD is effective, well tolerated and relatively safe. When you take CBD orally it usually has no effect on other Rx medications you are taking. There are rare occasions when

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Jeff wearing mask tending to wife, Cindy, getting a scan for her cancer Interview with GoodFOR Founder, Jeff Ullman

EDITOR’S PEN Gary Barg, Editor-in-Chief Innovation Spotlight: CBD Topicals Jeff Ullman – Founder & CEO GoodFOR, Inc. Gary Barg: Jeff Ullman has had a long history of changing people’s lives for the better, first, as the creator of Great Expectations Video Dating which he built into the biggest dating service in the world, to the co-creator of the TV series, Love Connection (which I

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