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BEST PRICE! Muscle & joint pain strikes anyone, anywhere, anytime. Take with you and don't let it ruin your day! Use box to store them. Same quality plant-powered gel as pumps. Share with others and you'll be very well thanked!
  • GoodFOR Relief is our newest, most powerful topical gel that provides ULTRA-fast and long-lasting relief from joint and muscle soreness. Whether you suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or just everyday aches and strains, GoodFOR Relief can help you feel better in minutes. 

    GoodFOR Relief contains plant-powered ingredients that penetrate deep into your tissues and reduces physical suffering and inflammation. It also contains menthol, a natural cooling agent that soothes and refreshes the skin. 

    Unlike oral painkillers, GoodFOR Relief is applied directly to the source of pain, so you get targeted relief without the risk of side effects. You can use GoodFOR Relief  several times a day as neededfor continuous all-day relief. 

    GoodFOR Relief is easy to use: just squeeze a small amount of gel onto your fingers and rub it gently onto the affected area until fully absorbed. You'll feel a pleasant cooling sensation followed by a lasting relief. GoodFOR Relief is non-greasy, non-staining, and has a mild minty scent. 

    Have pain in hard-to-reach areas? Try applying GoodFOR Relief with our GoodFOR HelpingHand – the only topical applicator designed to make it easy for you to apply the best pain relief gel. 

    Don't let pain hold you back from enjoying life. Try GoodFOR Relief today and experience the difference, guaranteed! 


    • Six (6) GoodFOR Relief 0.17 oz Single-Use Packets
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    GoodFOR Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    GoodFOR Customer Reviews

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